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Accident Claims

The most common type of accident claims are claims involving cars. Car accidents can result in bodily injury to you and damage to your car. If the accident was not your fault, it is common practice to file an accident claim against the coverage policy of the responsible party. If the accident was your fault and you have the proper coverage you can file an accident claim against your own policy.

Accident claims can stem from many other situations besides automobile accidents. To be a bit more precise, there are motorcycle accidents, public transportation accidents, work related accidents, personal injury accidents, and industrial accidents to name just a few. People get hurt in all kinds of ways and normally there is someone responsible for it, in which case, there should be some kind of coverage policy in place to take care of accidental injuries or property damage. In most cases the limits provided under the coverage policy is ample to take care of any medical bills, lost wages, or damage to property; however, in some cases it is not and other avenues of recovery must be pursued.

Claims filed for accidents are investigated by an adjuster for the company providing the coverage. The adjuster's first responsibility is to the company they work for, their second responsibility is to negotiate a claim settlement with the claimant as cheaply as possible. If the adjuster finds in favour of the claimant, the insurer's only responsibility is to return the claimant and his property to the same condition as before the accident. If the adjuster and the claimant cannot agree on a fair and reasonable settlement, at times it becomes necessary for a claimant to seek the advice and help of a solicitor in order to be fully compensated for their loss; since an adjuster's idea of fully compensated and a claimant's idea may be two completely different things.

In most cases taking legal action is not necessary in order to obtain satisfaction when an accident claim has been filed. Simple cases are taken care of quickly and easily and everyone is happy. Problems arise when returning someone or something to it's before accident condition can not be obtained by normal accident claim handling and it is those cases that sometimes require the use of a solicitor to help negotiate a settlement with the insurer, many times without having to go to the courts for a decision which is cheaper for the insurer and less stressful on the claimant. However it is often wiser to at least discuss the claim with an experienced solicitor, particularly if large sums are involved or you have suffered personal injury.

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