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Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance - probably the largest choice of Accident Insurance in the UK!

Life is a risky business and accidents do happen, whether at home, at work, on holiday or in the car. The potential effects on our incomes and lifestyles are potentially devastating and accident insurance is designed to give us some compensation towards our expenses. Before insurers will issue an accident insurance policy they will want to regulate the type of risk which will be covered, and they will want to know whether or not you propose to do anything which is, frankly, downright dangerous. If you take out a normal policy and then go bungee jumping off a mountain top and have an accident, it is likely that the insurance company will not pay out for your personal injury claim, because they will say that you have been reckless. If however you have already specified when the policy was taken out that you intended to do such a risky thing then they will already have allowed for it in the premium and in the event of such an accident you would receive the agreed payout. It is therefore absolutely vital that when you take out an accident insurance policy you inform the insurance company of all the potentially dangerous activities that you intend to indulge in, whether these be as seemingly innocuous as skiing or scuba-diving, or rather more hair raising pursuits like paragliding, free fall parachuting or potholing.

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