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Activity Holiday Insurance

Safeguarding Your Holiday With Holiday Activity Insurance

When it comes to being prepared, we all take steps to protect our most prized possessions. Home insurance guards our living spaces in the event of a tragedy like burglary or a fire; car insurance protects our vehicles while out exploring on the road; health insurance safeguards our bodies if we are to fall ill. In today’s ever changing society it has become increasingly more mainstream to, on a daily basis, be prepared “just in case.” Yet there is one important situation many people forget about…Vacation. While a holiday is time to relax and escape life’s hectic schedules and rules and cut loose, vacationers still need to protect themselves should the unexpected occur. Nobody wants a ruined trip because they did not think ahead.

Activity Holiday Insurance is one way to ensure your holiday time goes smoothly. Travel insurance protects you while you’re away from home, but it does not always cover all the activities you may take part in while you’re on holiday. By adding activity holiday insurance to your plan you will increase your coverage in the event of an accident and guarantee your personal safety. This is especially important if you are an adventure seeker and plan on participating in sporting events or activities that would put your body at risk for injury of any kind, big or small. Jumping out of a plane to skydive, or off a bungee jump platform is exhilarating and provides a rush—and knowing that you’re covered with insurance just in case, provides a relief.

Extreme sports like sky diving are all covered under activity holiday insurance and nearly all contact sports such as rugby or football are covered, as well as water sports like boating, white water rafting, and canoeing. While you may not be as likely to have an accident with low-impact sports, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are curious about whether your holiday activity is insured or not, all holiday activity insurance policies will provide you a list of covered activities. The price you pay is based off your activity of choice, so you do not need to worry about paying for more than you know you will use, and plans are surprisingly affordable. When you are prepared accordingly with the proper insurance, should the unthinkable occur and you need to file a claim while on holiday, you will be grateful in the end!


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