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Airport Hotels

 Airport hotels are the most overlooked gem of accommodation often saving the holiday traveler a fortune in hotel fees. We are all in a hurry to get the heart of the action and forget that airport hotels have it all and then some. When traveling abroad, the much maligned airport hotel should be the first accommodation you seek rather than the last. Unless you are the fussiest of travel bugs, the airport hotel delivers the finest in lodging and dining to rival any city centre hotel.

The airport hotel is your best bet for arrivals coming off overnight flights and cumbersome multi-stop routes. The exhausted traveler and wants nothing more than a goose down comforter and nice square meal. Costing significantly less than tourist trap hotels with a view, the four and five star airport hotels are bursting with amenities and eager to please for your repeat business.

For tourists that plan to use local tour guide services, they are happy to collect you from any hotel you so choose. By keeping your home base at the airport, you have the advantage of freeway aversion to make safe and sound passage for any domestic flights during your holiday. One missed flight can throw your entire itinerary into confusion, so to get there on time and make use of the free airport shuttle and transfer service from the local airport hotels.

The airport scenery may not be the Eiffel Tower, but a runway view from your balcony isn't half bad either. There's nothing wrong with appreciating the glamour and excitement of the jets taking off and the airport view will save you a fortune as compared to top tourist hotels on the waterfront.

Airport hotels do a large volume of business for international conferences and banquets, making them one of the best choices for culinary excellence from award winning chefs. Dining options and pricing plans are designed to meet most budgets and palettes, offering simple buffet meals to elegant gourmet fare.

Hotels conveniently located at international airports have become fiercely competitive with price versus amenities, so its a traveler's market to find the best accommodation to match your budget and service demands. And the hotels are getting bigger and better, offering the best in concierge and support services to meet all of your holiday needs. Before booking that pricey hotel with the coveted view, try saving some serious money with smart hotel shopping and checking for premium accommodation with a runway view.

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Airport Hotels - probably the largest choice of Airport Hotels in the UK!

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