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 Navigating about an airport can be tricky, especially when travelling abroad and you don't speak the language. There are many services provided for weary travellers, but if you don't know they are there, you will have missed out. Knowledge is power and the more you study up on your travel destinations, the easier your plight when you arrive. Most of the salient information may be gleaned online by visiting the airport's website or reading through travel forums for expert advice.

For travelers that plan to make a connection, you may have time for dining in between flights. If you are taking a foreign flight, plan for at least four hours from your arrival time to the connecting departure. This should give you plenty of time to find your next gate and head for the nearest place to eat. By checking with the airport's website beforehand, you will be able to find all manner of dining options from take away windows to sit down dinners. The restaurants are usually spread out between terminals, so be sure to know your departure gate for the swiftest entry and exit for lunch.

The airport lounge is a nice place to relax, but be aware that many lounges are located away from the PA speakers and you may not be able to hear pertinent information about your flight. There are no excuses for late boarding, and a tardy appearance at the gate could get you bumped from the flight. Try to leave the lounge area at least 30 minutes before you are to check in.

When packing for airline travel, bear in mind that security is tight and many airports no longer allow liquids and gels beyond a certain quantity. Any opened bottles of water or personal effects such as mouthwash will be taken away at the first checkpoint. However, once going through clearance, you may purchase a beverage after the checkpoint, as it is deemed safe by the airport security. Further limitations are set on your liquidated items as they must be stored in clear plastic bags and checked with the luggage.

When travelling to The States, an infant is allowed up to three ounces of breast milk or baby formula, but must pass a visible inspection. At press time, water and juice in any amount will not be permitted through TSA screening. However, all airlines can provide these beverages at little to no cost to the mother. Generally they are free from premium airlines and sold for a small fee from the discount brands.

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