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Annual Travel Insurance

For individuals and families that enjoy travelling a number of times during any given year, purchasing annual travel insurance will most likely be less costly than buying separate insurance for each individual trip. Annual travel insurance allows you to travel as often as you like, with the safety and confidence of knowing that you are covered whenever and wherever you choose to roam. Your health and well-being are too important to risk; make sure that you are protected each step along your many journeys.

The Package

When you purchase annual travel insurance, the full scope of your travel risks are covered. From cancellations to baggage problems, from emergency rescues to hospital bills, you will be taken care of completely. You can travel with the settled assurance that if an emergency or travel complication arises, you can call your insurance provider 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and the matter will be taken in hand.

Winter Travels

Hitting the ski slopes during the winter season is a big part of life in the UK. Most annual travel insurance agreements will include winter travels in your annual plan upon request. While the optimal goal of skiing is to enjoy the adrenaline rush of adventure without the pain of accidents and injuries, should a misfortune occur, your annual travel insurance will make sure that you immediately receive the best medical attention available.

Gap Year

Many individuals take an extended period off from the daily grind of life in order to venture out and explore the world, typically surrounding major life transitions such as a career change, school graduation or the like. Though gap years are meant to be full of whimsy and adventure, it is wise to protect yourself in the event that problems arise with your baggage, that you have to cancel a portion of your trips at the last minute or that some medical emergency occurs. Annual travel insurance can cover your entire gap year and can extend even further, typically in durations of up to 18 months.

Adventure Sports

Scuba diving, parasailing, white water rafting and many other adventure sports carry with them some degree of physical risk. Acquiring annual travel insurance can minimize this risk and make rescue and medical teams available to you throughout the course of your adventure. This can give you extra peace of mind during those “close calls” and can help you to enjoy your overall trip more, knowing that your insurance company is watching your back.


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