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Baby Gifts

Choosing a baby gift that is both thoughtful and useful can be difficult. Several factors need to be considered when picking out the best gift for a newborn. Your relationship to the mother often determines how much money to spend on a gift. A close friend or relative may require a bigger or more expensive gift than an acquaintance or co-worker. Also, a woman with a large extended family may have already got the necessary items a baby requires. In this case a more whimsical gift can be purchased.

A baby gift for someone close to you requires a little more thought and effort. Asking the new parents if there is any item they specifically need is a good idea. This can be helpful in avoiding multiple gifts of the same item. Make sure the new parents have the necessary items for the baby, such as a stroller or car seat. If it is in your budget to buy a bigger item, the parents will be very thankful. Also, sharing the cost of a larger item with a family member or friend is a good way for two people on smaller budgets to give a great gift. Clothing, nappies, baby lotion, soap, baby powder, and other baby care products are most useful for new parents, as it is difficult to get out with a newborn to go to the shops for these items. Many places sell pre-made gift baskets with such items.

For an acquaintance or co-worker, a suitable gift choice could include an adorable outfit, a gift basket of baby items, or a few toys designed specifically for infants. Another great idea is to give a gift certificate to a baby boutique or department store so the new parents can purchase whatever they need for the baby.

An unusual gift shows both thoughtfulness and generosity. For instance, a camera for the parents allows them to take many pictures of their new baby. If a small budget prevents you from buying a lavish present, new parents will be just as delighted to have you offer your services as a babysitter. It is difficult to get out and socialize the first few months after a child's birth; new parents will value the time you can watch the baby for them so they can go to dinner and a movie. A relaxing break can be the best gift of all!

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