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Choosing the Right Handbag or Purse

With the variety of handbags available, any woman should be able to find one to suit her particular needs and style. Handbags and purses come in many styles and sizes from roomy and casual to small and chic. Choosing the right bag can be easy, but first a shopper must learn what styles and sizes are available.

Some women prefer small handbags to larger ones. A clutch is a good option for a woman who doesnít carry a lot of items with her and doesnít need a lot of room. Clutch style purses donít have handles and are generally carried by hand or just under the arm. Many women prefer this type of purse for formal occasions because of the size.

Another small handbag option is the typical evening bag. An evening bag may be a small handbag or purse that features a handle. It is generally the type of bag that is taken to formal occasions as well.

For women that prefer larger handbags that can carry more belongings there are even more options. A popular option for medium to larger sized purses is the hobo. Hobo bags are generally U-shaped and feature some type of closure, a zipper or clasp.

Another stylish handbag option is the satchel. Satchels are medium to large sized handbags that have a zipper or clasp closure and sometimes have pockets on the exterior for easy access to a mobile phone or flat keys.

Messenger bags are a popular choice to carry during casual outings. They typically are a larger handbag and have a flap on the outside. Messenger bags can also be used for business or school and come in different fabrics or leather. Tote bags are also a great option for a woman who desires more room in her handbag. Totes generally donít have any type of closure and usually have two handles.

After the type of handbag is decided upon, a shopper must decide if the designer or name brand is important. Designer handbags can be expensive and include names such as Chloe, Armani, Gucci, Fendi and Ted Baker. There are also handbags that are designed to resemble name brand bags without the expensive price tag.

Handbags or purses can be an important accessory to any outfit. A shopper who knows whatís available is bound to make a great choice, especially with the vast array of bags available.


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