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To add a bit of whimsy to party decorations, try using balloons to create or add to the effect that you want to achieve for whatever event is being celebrated. Balloons promote cheerfulness, happiness, and can be a focal point to transforming everyday surroundings to a more magical experience. They are fun to receive, be it in the single variety, a bouquet of balloons, or literally filling an entire room with balloons. Typically, whatever the occasion, one would want to have high quality helium filled balloons so that they last longer.

Balloons are sold in either latex or foil materials, but can be obtained in more unusual materials if specially ordered. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You may choose balloons that have no message, a single name, or personalized messages or wishes. There are even musical balloons available now that can play or sing a message! Your imagination is the limit depending on what you want to convey for a specific event or occasion.

For instance, birthdays have always been a popular venue for balloons. If the party is a small family affair, perhaps several groupings of brightly coloured balloons would be appropriate. One or two balloons in each grouping might bear a message such as "Happy Birthday Rebecca", or "Ian Is Finally 21". If it is a child's birthday, balloons in animal shapes or with smiley faces or any other design that suits your fancy for that particular person are always fun.

Pastel coloured balloons with "It's A Boy" or "Baby On The Way" might be a suggestion for someone hosting a baby shower. For retirement parties, bright balloons in the shape of leisure activities might be used or messages conveying congratulations for the person's achievements, or funny singing messages. With corporate parties such as Christmas celebrations or personal parties with a Happy New Year theme, if the area to be decorated is large, the best choice would be large numbers of balloons with decorative streamers, perhaps filling up a fourth to a third of the area of space in the room. Victory celebrations may also call for a large number of balloons with special wording and bright or themed colouring and accessories.

Finally, don't forget balloons for an individual's special occasion such as coming home from hospital, graduation, or celebrating a birthday alone. Balloons can always add that bit of cheer to a person's day.

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