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Bar Stools

Bar Stools - probably the largest choice of Bar Stools in the UK!

Barstools come in an almost infinite variety of sizes, shapes, styles and materials from 'olde worlde' leather and mahogany through classic chrome and plastic jukebox pattern to simple painted softwood; with or without backs, with or without swivels; but there are still only two main types; stools for bars in pubs or restaurants, or for use in a kitchen, where their use is growing in households which are short of both time and space. Before you decide on the quality, design and materials of barstools you need to first of all decide where they are going to be used, and who is going to use them.

If they are to be used in a pub, one of the first requirements will be that they are strong enough to withstand heavy wear and tear, and occasionally very heavy clients! The materials that they are made out of will depend upon the type of atmosphere that you wish to create around the bar area, and just how comfortable the seats are will depend upon whether or not you want to encourage people to sit on them for long periods of time, or whether you want the people to use them for just a short time whilst ordering drinks and then moving back to a table. At quiet times it may be better to encourage clients to congregate at the bar where they are more likely to order more drinks, but at busy periods it is usually better to have the bar area clear of sitters so that others are not obstructed from reaching your serving staff. Some managers prefer to remove barstools from the bar area completely at busy times, but this can sometimes offend regulars who prefer to sit there so this has to be a judgement based upon experience.

Kitchen barstools on the other hand will only need to be robust enough to survive normal domestic hazards such as children knocking them over or pouring bowls of soup over them! The most popular use of them in a kitchen is at a breakfast bar where the intention is for the morning meal to be prepared and eaten quickly so that the family can tear off to school or business. If they are being used by children it is sometimes better to consider having a substantial back to them, for safety reasons, and since even the smallest children inevitably grow into much taller adolescents stools with an adjustable height may be considered. Materials would depend upon usage and the budget; leather stools can be very hard wearing, comfortable and attractive to look at but if you have very young children who may spill food (or even worse!) on them they could very quickly becomes stained and ruined so under these circumstances a more durable material such as painted wood or chromed tubular steel and plastic may be more practicable. Just as with a pub bar stool you may decide that having very comfortable ones may be a disadvantage -- fair enough, we are all busy these days and whilst eating breakfast on the hoof can be a very bad thing leading to chronic indigestion it is generally considered to be quite acceptable to perch on a bar stool at a breakfast bar whilst we gulp down our porridge, shredded wheat or cornflakes but we would be very ill advised to use them for evening meals as well, because as the main meal of the day these should be enjoyed at a properly set table from a comfortable dining chair for the sake of both our digestive systems and our mental well being!

Okay, we have described how to choose barstools which are suitable for your own particular purpose, but how do you buy them at the cheapest price? Simple. It is generally accepted that buying goods online is far and away the most economical way, and now millions of people in Britain do their shopping through their personal computers as a matter of course, which is one of the main reasons why retailers are having such a thin time these days. Choose a company which is well established with a good choice of products, check out their returns policy bearing in mind that you are covered by distance selling regulations anyhow, check on whether or not they have the goods in stock and their projected delivery dates and you probably won't go far wrong. You will find a huge directory of suppliers to the left.


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