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Creating A Bedroom Space

Designing your bedroom is a wonderful creative outlet to let your personality shine. This is the one room in the house that is uniquely you, so no holds barred when its time to accentuate and express yourself. The elements to consider are colour, texture, tone and decorative pieces to reflect who you are and what you like. Creating a bedroom can be a work of art and a finished product you can be proud of.

The best way to begin is from ground zero with a little bit of budget to accumulate furniture and accessories. To start with, choose a color that reflects the tone and mood you wish to set. However, when working with bold or darker colours, you may want to paint just one wall, preferably the one that lines up with the bed. Darker colours on all four walls can close the room off, but lighter colours will expand the room and give you a greater sense of space.

If your ideal bedroom is an African theme, try a zebra bedspread which works well with almost any color of paint. Hot pink and sky blue are excellent choices to bring out the vibrant contrast to the black and white print, giving the bedroom a splash of color and a pop. Add a few choice pieces of African statuary and you're in business. To balance one or two walls, you may wish to select a wildlife scene or rugged jungle terrain. Wall prints are easily accessible online with thousands of prints to suit every taste and budget.

Decorating your bedroom with small knickknacks may be fun to collect, but remember that you have to clean the surface area underneath them. This task can be time consuming and your space may be better served with larger objects. Finding the fine line between an avid art display and clutter is a personal decision with will need to determine on your own. For most people that line will be determined by the maintenance required to keep it nice.

Selecting furniture is an intricate element to your self-expression, but can be costly and run away with you. Rather than seeking the ready-made furniture to suit your colour preference and style, try buying an unfinished dresser or night stand and detail it yourself with staining or a marbling kit. You may also wish to decoupage a few priceless photos or postcards from your travels to add that extra special touch of you.

To maximize your budget and creative energy, always have a master plan in mind when you begin the bedroom redecorating process. You may tweak it here and there, but by sticking to a formal plan, you can control the spending and isolate your interests to ensure there are no impulse buys for items that will not work well in your space. Bedroom design need not be expensive to be fantastic. With a little aforethought and paying attention to color combinations, you can have a professional looking bedroom space on any budget you set.

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