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Styles of beds

Beds are available in a variety of styles, prices and sizes.


Determining the right size depends on the number of sleepers, the size of the sleepers, and the available space in the room the bed will occupy. In the UK the four sizes are:

- Single, 36” x 75” – designed for one person
- Double, 54” x 75” – designed for two people, but with less room per person than a single
- King, 60” x 78” – slightly shorter than an American Queen size
- Super King, 72” x 78” – slighter shorter than the  American “California King”


The most common bed type includes a box spring topped with a mattress. This style may also include a bed frame, upon which the box spring and mattress are placed, and a headboard. A box spring extends the life of a mattress by acting as a support and shock absorber. A bed frame provides further support, and if it includes casters, or wheels, can make moving the bed easier. Headboards are cosmetic.

An adjustable bed allows parts of the bed to be raised or lowered. This feature can provide extra comfort to any sleeper, but is especially useful for people with physical conditions that require special positioning, such as particular support for a back ailment. These types of beds are more expensive than standard styles.

Futons consist of a cushion placed on a frame that during the day provides seating in the form of a couch or chair. At night, the frame converts to a flat sleeping surface, and the cushion serves as a mattress. Futons cost less than standard beds, and take up less space since they are typically folded up as a couch during daytime, but they can be less comfortable.

Daybeds are similar to futons, in that they provide seating in the form of a couch during the day and a sleeping surface at night. But daybeds do not fold down to convert to a bed. Instead, most daybeds have a wheeled trundle that pulls out from beneath the daybed to create two single-sized beds or one double-bed sized bed.

The most space-saving style is a Murphy bed. Murphy beds are framed into a wall or closet so that the bed is folded up into the wall and out of the way during the day and can be pulled down to the floor when needed.


Beds - probably the largest choice of Beds in the UK!

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