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Betting Tips - probably the largest choice of Betting Tips in the UK!

Betting, and betting tips, have been on this earth ever since the first man crawled out of the primaeval swamp and learnt how to count, and the first use he put this to this was to calculate the odds against him being eaten for breakfast by the next passing dinosaur. It has survived ever since, despite innumerable attempts by pleasure hating politicians to ban it completely, because of two major factors; one it is exciting, two it is possible to make a great deal of money by betting!

For every person who makes a good living out of gambling, however, there are many more who lose their shirts and the proof of that is the number of bookies who drive around in Bentleys and Lamborghinis. What, you may ask, is the difference between the punter who makes a stonking great profit, and the rest of them who vary between regular small losses and complete financial destruction? The answer is simple; knowledge.

There are two types of knowledge necessary for successful betting, the freely available and the insider information, which usually has to be paid for. This is perhaps just as well, since information which is shared with all and sundry loses all its advantages! Tipsters are prepared to share their insider information and specialised knowledge of different gambling techniques either for fixed up front payments or a share of the winnings, and a good one is worth his weight in gold. The freely available knowledge, on the other hand, can make all the difference between a life of pleasure and luxury and abject poverty, but although there is usually no financial charge for it it takes a lot of effort to gain it.

Anyone who bets using nothing more sophisticated than vague intuition, the colour of a horse or the fact that the name of a racehorse, greyhound or racing pigeon sounds attractive is heading for the financial gutter. Okay, we all remember when thousands of housewives who didn't know a fetlock from a padlock took the bookies to the cleaners when they all backed Nicholas Silver for the 1961 Grand National because it was far and away the prettiest horse in the race, but that was an aberration! If you are to make money over and over again you need to either have an excellent source of betting tips, or you need to know your subject intimately. For instance, if horse racing is your chosen sport you need to know the latest form, the history, strengths and weaknesses of not only the horses in a race but their jockeys, trainers and trainers' staff as well. You need to understand how different weather and soil conditions can help or hinder particular racehorses, and you need to know which horses perform best on which courses.

If you are to become fully conversant and knowledgeable about a particular sport that you intend to bet on, you need to make certain that it is a sport that you are very interested in because we all find it far easier to learn all about interesting subjects than we do about those that we find boring, so if you find greyhound racing incredibly dull then best today away from the dogs track. If you couldn't care less whether Chelsea, Manchester United on the Hightown Harriers win the FA Cup, there is no point trying to bet on who will score the next goal against Wigan. Take a sport that you are deeply and passionately interested in, one that raises your adrenalin to dangerous levels and which you would happily bore the pants off the rest of us about, and that is the sport for you to bet on.

Finally, find a system and, provided that it works, stick to it. The joy of this is that without even knowing it you will test, refine, and perfected it to suit your own individual abilities. There are many, many betting systems out there but if it was so easy to use them and make money, everybody would be doing it, and in the end no one would make a sausage but that simply isn't the case. We are all different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. It is worth repeating the statement I made at the beginning of this paragraph; find the right system for you, and stay with it, particularly when big or important bets are at stake. Good luck!

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