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Book Clubs

While enjoying a great book can be a enlightening journey to enjoy on your own, there is nothing quite like meeting up with like minded book lovers to see what different readers got out of the same text. By joining a book club full of like minded individuals, you will often find yourself exposed to literature that you would have never otherwise had read, while also learning to appreciate some of your favorite books in a whole new light. As an added bonus, a book club is a great way to make new friends with other people who truly enjoy great books as much as you do. Whether you choose to participate in book clubs that are exclusive to the internet or to meet with local book clubs in your area in person, participating in book clubs can add a whole new social dimension to your enjoyment of top notch literature.

Most serious readers first discover their love of great literature in an academic environment by exploring a text through discussing the different perspectives on a text that a class brings to the discussion. Little do we realize at the time how fleeting this academic experience is. Once we have moved on from an academic setting, most book lovers suddenly find themselves at a serious loss of company when it comes to fellow readers. By finding a solid book club to share one's thoughts with, it is much easier to keep that literary fire alive, particularly for those of us who have chosen careers and lifestyles which do not necessarily keep us in academic company.

Another added benefit of participating in book clubs is the social exposure that comes with meeting with people face to face to discuss a great book. As one grows older and becomes more caught up with the time constraints of work and family, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time to just sit down and socialize with interesting people. A book club is a great excuse for like minded individuals to gather and simply enjoy to company of fellow men and women who love the pursuit of knowledge. Interestingly , some of the most interesting book club meetings that I have been to have wound up focused on some form intellectual discussion barely related to the book in question; we simply used the pretext of a book club meeting as a reason to get together and have an interesting conversation.

Book Clubs - probably the largest choice of Book Clubs in the UK!

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