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Why is reading important?

Beyond recording the past and exploring the future, books examine culture and humanity, capture common experience, and help propagate ideas that effect real, revolutionary change in the world today. Books invigorate the imagination and inspire ambition, they affect people; they keep a finger to the pulse of humanity in a way that transcends and binds generations past, present, and future.

Everyone enjoys different kinds of books; often it's easiest to start reading based on recommendations from people who you share some common interests with. It's best to begin with material that you enjoy and that you're comfortable with, then develop your appreciation and comprehension at a pace that suits you. Reading is often a lifetime hobby, but even so, the amount of books that you're able to read in an entire lifetime is just a fraction of the available material. A diverse and comprehensive exposure is critical to reaping the full rewards of reading; reading books that hold your interest while staying focused on what you want to learn and deliberately developing your appreciation is key to a balanced, focused and satisfying reading hobby.

Much like other rewarding hobbies and interests, reading can take a considerable investment of time and effort before its full benefits are realised. As any adamant reader knows, once you've discovered how rewarding, entertaining, and enlightening reading can be, it's hard to stop.

Books can improve your vocabulary, stretch your understanding and challenge your ideas. Reading can be an excellent way to broaden your perspective, enrich your grasp on just about any subject matter, and improve your ability to communicate with and understand people effectively. Whether it's manuals, textbooks, memoirs, biographies, literature, fiction or non-fiction, you can always expect to come away with new knowledge, a deeper understanding of people and their motives, or a fresh and rich perspective on culture, civilisation, the arts, and so much more.

Books exist for just about every interest, too. From gardening to space travel, biology to sociology, light-hearted entertainment to engaging, enlightening literature, there's a book out there for every one of us. By investing a little time and effort, you can almost certainly find something that will pique your interest, and if you stick to it, the opportunities for education, entertainment, and enrichment are limitless.

Books - probably the largest choice of Books in the UK!

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