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 Bracelets have ancient origins and have become very significant in our cultures for more than appeal alone. A bracelet is an article of jewellery which is worn on the wearer's wrist in singly or in groups. The origin of the word bracelet is derived from the Latin word brachile which means "of the arm". The history and cultural significance of bracelets goes back as far as those crafted in ancient Egypt around 5000 B.C., made with material like bones, stones and woods to provide expression of spiritual and religious meaning.

In our cultures, bracelets are often also used for identification purposes, serving a function more than aesthetic appeal. Allergy bracelets and hospital patient identification bracelets are the most common functional bracelets worn, though sometimes decorative identification bracelets are given as gifts to loved ones, especially youths.

Modern decorative bracelets such as the tennis bracelet for instance, which is a small bracelet fashioned from a precious metal with a symmetrical pattern of precious stones set in it are quite a common style. A charm bracelet, worn to show important and prideful messages by the items attached. A guitar-shaped or musical note charm pendant might be worn on the bracelet by those interested in music to express how important of a role that music plays in their life and the expression is only limited by the crafting of the charms. Bangles are the solid form bracelets fashioned of metal or glass and worn in groups so that the movement of the person wearing them causes them to make a pleasant chime-like sound as well as be visually appealing.

Many styles of bracelets exist beyond these and are fashioned in many ways for many reasons. Some are made from connecting links or a creatively assembled combination of metals, glasses or plastics and other components to provide bracelets in endless varieties of styles, types and sizes. Every bracelet serves a purpose, whether it is because the bracelet looks great and is attractive, because it has wealth storage value or sends an appealing signal to others. Whether worn for superstition, faith, or just plain good luck the appeal of a bracelet is not to be lost upon others and will often provide an eye-catching glimpse into the wearer's life. The reason or reasons for wearing a bracelet might not be obvious at the first glance but they are worn so observers will look twice.

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