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Breakdown Cover

How many times have you seen someone on the side of the motorway standing helplessly by a car with a flat tyre, or with their head under the bonnet looking perplexed? Hundreds of people break down in Britain every day and, not only is it inconvenient, but it is also dangerous when it happens on country roads or motorways. To avoid being stranded and useless when your car breaks down, purchase breakdown insurance to support you and your vehicle when you need it.

Who sells breakdown coverage and how much does it cost?

Three of the UKs top breakdown coverage providers:

AA: The AA provides coverage starting at about 30 and offers online discounts, too. It includes 24/7 roadside assistance as a base option. Additional coverage includes Relay coverage (they take you and the vehicle to the nearest appropriate repair centre), Home Start coverage (the AA estimates than 25 percent of breakdowns happen before the car has even left the driveway, and this coverage sends someone out to your house to work on your vehicle), and Stay Mobile coverage (if your car can not be fixed, they provide a replacement vehicle to keep you going to your destination).

Churchill: Churchill has great online discounts and five levels of extensive coverage. At the very minimum, they offer coverage for anyone driving your vehicle, help finishing your journey, coverage for towed trailers/caravans, 24/7 garage call-out and more. At the highest level of service, expect coverage of your vehicle in Europe, access to a hire car or to a hotel and a ride home if you break down with 0.25 miles from home. Coverage starts at about 23.

RAC: Starting at about 28, the RAC has around 2,000 patrol vehicles and aims to reach any stranded customer within 40 minutes, any time of day, any day of the year. A great bonus of RAC breakdown coverage is access to RAC approved legal care when certain accidents occur. Basic coverage sends out a representative when you break down more than 0.25 miles from home and pledges to fix the car on the spot or, if it can not be fixed there, to tow you to a garage within 10 miles. Additional coverage includes nationwide recovery, European coverage and home coverage.

There are many vendors for breakdown coverage, so do some research for a plan that covers your specific needs.

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Breakdown Cover - probably the largest choice of Breakdown Cover in the UK!

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