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Building Insurance

When you have a building to insure, it can only be considered under two different types. The building will either fall under a personal policy or a commercial policy. Both types of policies cover the buidlings for the same basic perils but different uses dictate what other coverages will be either allowed or taken away to be covered under some other type of policy.

Personal policies on buildings will cover the structure and contents for the actual owner living in the home or provide coverage to the structure alone as in the case of a landlord owned building or flat.

Commercial policies can be written on buildings that are owner occupied or on buildings that are rented out by a landlord, providing there is a business activity ongoing in the subject structure.

No matter what type of building you have to be insured whether personal or commercial, the insurance provider you choose will be able to discuss specifics with you in order to provide you with a customized policy to make sure your particular situation is covered appropriately.

Empty buildings provide a different type of problem altogether whether they be considered personal or commercial. Such structures are not easy to insure due to the high exposure of potential loss. Fire and vandalism being to two most common risks associated with a buildings vacancy. Exposure of this nature requires due diligence on the part of the owner through frequent inspection of the vacant property as well as upkeep in appearance. The cost to insure a vacant dwelling is normally much higher than the cost to insure an occupied building. Sometimes vacancy can not be avoided but if you have a regular policy on a property that has become vacant and you do not advise your insurer of this beforehand, losses of any nature can be denied. On the other hand, if you do notify your insurer perhaps an extension or endorsement can be added to the existing policy allowing for so many days of vacancy before the policy must be canceled.

There are many other types of building that present there own special set of circumstances that can cause difficulty in obtaining coverage on them such as Holiday homes and Listed homes. Insurers are not nearly as keen to insuring these types of structures due to the type of exposure and unusual circumstance that they encompass. One thing to remember when seeking any type of insurance is that, someone, somewhere, will provide the insurance coverage needed. That coverage just normally comes at a much higher price than a standard policy

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