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Business Travel

 Many companies require their employees to travel for business related reasons. This can be exciting for the employee, as he or she will be paid to go, usually with accommodations, rental car, gas, mileage and a plane ticket included. An added perk is the ability to eat out at nice restaurants on the company credit card. However, there are a few things to consider before jetting off on a major business venture.

Find out how much the company has allotted for the travel budget. While many companies will allow their employees to lodge in more than adequate accommodations, inevitably, there are always a few businesses that try to get by on as little cash as possible. To avoid this, do your homework in advance. Try scanning travel websites for some great deals on three, four and five star hotels. Hotels are competing for business right now, and sometimes, a simple call to the hotel manager can cause the manager to give you a corporate discount. This will lower the price by 10% or more, often making it an enticing price for your company to afford.

Take advantage of restaurants in the area of your hotel as well. Some businesses will allow you to simply charge the cost of meals to the company credit card. Others however, will provide a set price for meals each day, often in the $20 per day range. If you carefully plan, this can mean additional money in your pocket. For example, a five day trip can round up and additional $60 in your pocket if you choose to eat a hotel continental breakfast, dine on fast food at lunch, and use a coupon at dinner time.

Lastly, make sure that the hotel you stay at includes all of the amenities that are needed for the business trip. For travelers that host conferences or meetings, find out if the hotel will provide meeting space for privacy and professionalism. Most business trips require the use of the internet as well, so make sure that wireless Internet is not only available, but free to hotel guests. For a truly professional business trip, avoid family hotels that are likely to be full of children and teenagers. Hotels in business districts are less likely to have families in wet swimsuits parading through the lobby.

Business Travel - probably the largest choice of Business Travel in the UK!

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