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Cable TV

Cable TV - probably the largest choice of Cable TV in the UK!

Some years ago many others were infuriated when a company called NYNEX, since taken over by Cable and Wireless, ripped up our roads and streets in order to lay a fibre optic cable to just about every home in the land. The first benefit to us was cheaper telephone calls and a few extra TV channels, but as usage has increased the range of benefits have increased considerably because of the fact that fibre optics are a far more efficient medium for delivering large quantities of data than the old copper wire system that we have been used to for so long. As a consequence of this, it is now possible to deliver quite massive quantities of data to our television sets, telephones and computers. High-definition television is now possible, multiple channels can be received with perfect clarity, and interactive television is a reality. Internet access has been speeded up considerably as broadband download capabilities have increased as a result of greater usage of cable and satellite systems and companies like Virgin, Sky and BT Vision now offer packages of TV, broadband and telephone at very reasonable prices.

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