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Cameras are devices used to take photographs or motion pictures usually using either film or digital media.

The camera works by reproducing the light image of objects on film, or converting those images into digital image files. Most consumers these days use digital cameras both for taking photographs, and for making movies or videos. However, professional photographers and cinematographers often still prefer to use film.

Digital cameras
The advent of digital technology allowed cameras to become progressively smaller and more portable. Digital cameras are equipped with disk storage that allows the photographer to tak more pictures compared to what is practically possible with film cameras. As you can erase old pictures off of the camera storage after you upload them to your computer or other device, the disk is reusable. So the costs of buying film as found with older camera types is eliminated with the digital camera. However, the digital camera generally requires at least a computer or photo printer for practical use, so that must be considered a required additional expense. Although you could simply have digital pictures printed at photo shops, most users prefer to store the images on other devices.

Another advantage of digital cameras is that they allow the photographer to adjust images optically using digital techniques that previously required expensive camera lenses.

Film cameras
Despite the expense and inconvenience associated with film, many photographers still use film cameras for a variety of purposes. Digital cameras create a pixel view, which is different than that produced by film. Large format film offers a higher spatial resolution as compared to pixel resolution available with digital cameras. For cinema in which the imagery if very important, motion picture directors often choose film for their cinematography.

Although one can achieve a higher quality product with film, this usually requires a lot more work than with digital cameras. Not only is there far less automated features available with film, but the processing of the film is also important in achieving an optimum result. For professionals, these extra steps and costs are no problem and sometimes essential, but for the average consumer, digital photography is more than sufficient for their needs.

Choosing a camera
Fortunately there are dozens of companies offering both digital and film cameras. With the advance in camera technology, you can find cameras of all sizes, types and costs to satisfy the needs of nearly every consumer.

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