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 Festival Camping in the UK

It is springtime and your thoughts turn to a holiday. You may decide to go festival camping with your family this year. Here are some suggestions to help make this trip a successful one.

Festival camping trips have become quite popular in recent years. If you like large crowds and enjoy music and other performing arts troupes, this may be perfect for your family. Festival camps are generally quite noisy all day and well into the night; be prepared to sleep less than you might like to. For this reason, choosing your pitch is very important. Camp stewards should be able to direct you to zones set aside specifically for families.

Remember that you may be searching for your tent late at night. Be certain to bring a torch. Spotting your tent can be quite difficult in the daylight and nearly impossible at night. Some festival campers create their own flag and place it near their tent. Others decorate their tents with an easily distinguishable pattern or crest.

Pitching your tent too near the toilets could be a big mistake. It does not take long for these areas to begin to stink terribly.

Placing a padlock on your tent when you are away from it is an invitation to thieves. It is a canvas tent. Getting past a lock is easy. The lock just advertises that you have something of value inside. If you canít afford to lose it, you should leave it at home. If you bring it anyway, donít leave it in your tent. Ask a steward if there is a lockup available for you to rent whilst you are there.

Something every festival camper should not be without is a tube of sun cream. If the sun doesnít cooperate, rain ponchos for all family members should be readily accessible.

Check with the festival organisers or their website to find out if your gas or petrol stove is allowed. If not, plan on bringing a supply of firewood. At many of the festivals, especially the larger ones, food vans are set up. The choices range from burgers to vegetarian foods.

Of course, the typical camping supplies (tent, sleeping bags, first aid kits, wet wipes) are important as well. Hopefully, these tips will help make your festival camping trip enjoyable and safe.

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