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Camping Equipment

 Camping Equipment for the Real Camper

For the serious camper, the right equipment is essential for the best outdoor adventures. Some campers may not be prepared for many eventualities when putting together a list of camping gear and that can make for a miserable experience for all.

Choosing the right tent is probably the single-most important decision for the discerning camper. One must consider first the size. How many people are going to be sharing the tent? How easy is the tent to set up? Nothing is more aggravating than fighting to erect a tent with complicated instructions and even more complicated construction. These days there are many easy-to-assemble tents that take only minutes to put together. For those who like deluxe accommodations, there are several tents available with multiple dividers that can be attached and detached with ease. Remember the sleeping bags and pillows as the hard ground does not make for a comfortable bed.

Because some camping areas do not have grills or fire pits, it's a good idea to bring along a portable grill. The right grill is a matter of preference, but keep in mind how many people will be eating so that the grill is large enough to hold plenty of food. No one likes to be standing over a grill all night trying to cook in batches because the grill is too small. Don't forget the charcoal and lighting fluid, too. In addition, forgetting pots and pans as well as dishes and utensils for cooking and eating can put a serious damper on the whole trip.

Plenty of lanterns and/or flashlights with fresh batteries are crucial when night falls. Stumbling around in the dark can be difficult and hazardous to one's health and delicate bones.

For personal hygiene, don't forget toothpaste, soap, and other toiletries. Bug repellent, too, will make an otherwise unbearable camping trip more pleasant without having to fend off mosquitoes and other annoying pests.

It is important to make a detailed list well in advance of a camping trip as so often people will think of items they really need after arriving to their destination. Fishing poles and bait for fishing, condiments for cooking, and other basic items can easily be overlooked when making a list. Don't get caught unprepared. Make a list and check it twice. Check it just before heading out. Enjoying a camping trip largely depends on having the right equipment, so plan carefully.


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