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Car Alarms

Car Alarms - probably the largest choice of Car Alarms in the UK!

Every few minutes a car is broken into somewhere in the UK so it is hardly surprising that car alarms are so popular. Unfortunately most cheap alarms work on simple circuit breaking technology, in which an alarm goes off if the door is opened, via shock sensors which set off the alarm if the car is broken into. Unfortunately this type of alarm only too often goes off if someone just touch of the car, or even if a heavy vehicle passes nearby, which can be a real nuisance if you have to be forever switching it off after a false alarm. Alarm manufacturers have tackled this problem by introducing radar type scanners which detect movement within the vehicle before setting off a loud siren, but even these fail to deter many thieves who realise that there are so many false alarms that most people ignore them so having broken into the car they simply lift the bonnet and disconnect the alarm. A far more effective solution has been found; there are devices now which can automatically make it impossible to start a car once an alarm has been triggered without a unique key sequence, and tracking devices which can locate a vehicle precisely by using satellite navigational systems, and which are virtually impossible to detect, and which make it far easier for the police to track the car and apprehend the thieves.

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