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Car Insurance

Car Insurance - probably the largest choice of Car Insurance in the UK!

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Cheapest Car Insurance

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There is a saying here in the UK, that you only get what you pay for. This is not always true where insurance is concerned however; particularly for those looking for very cheap car insurance from sites like or it is not correct to say that the best policy is inevitably the most expensive one because how much you have to pay depends upon many factors, not least of all how intense the competition is between the insurance companies for your custom! If you look around online you will find a lot of bargains in car insurance for people who are prepared to switch over to a new provider. Why should that be? Well, car insurance is not the old boys' club that it used to be and there are lots of new companies that have come along over the last few years, many backed by the major banks, and carved themselves out a great deal of the market by using aggressive sales techniques. One of these methods that is commonly used is a substantial introductory discount for new customers; the theory behind this is that once someone has become a customer that person will buy other insurance or financial products over a long period of time. In practice this is just not happening as it used to, and it is generally recognized that around 25% of policyholders fail to renew their policies when they fall due every year, the majority of these going elsewhere for what they perceive as a better deal.

Buying insurance, however, is not like buying soap powder or potatoes; an insurance policy is a highly complex document full of terms and conditions; the vast majority of people have never read a car insurance policy from start to finish in their lives, and it is little wonder, looking at the technical language that most of them are written in. It is very important however that people are aware of just what it is that they are buying and just what benefits are offered, and which are not. Far too many people buy car insurance on price only, some picking the most expensive one because they think it confers the most benefits, and the majority picking the cheapest. It is very dangerous to assume that just because a policy is higher-priced than others it must confer better benefits; and conversely a cheap policy can become very expensive indeed if there is an accident but because of the particular terms and conditions a claim is not met. It is essential therefore to examine every proposed policy carefully and ensure that any limitations of it are fully understood.

The premium for a policy depends upon many factors and there are a number of things that you can often do to cut down the cost. For instance, if you only cover a small mileage every year, look for an insurer who offers a discount for this. Make sure that your car is secured overnight by keeping it in a locked yard or garage. If you are no longer as young as you used to be, you may be able to benefit from the fact that older people statistically are safer drivers so you may wish to approach insurance companies who specialise in policies for the over 50s or even over 60s. Think carefully about having a sophisticated alarm system fitted, get a number of quotes for a top line system and see if insurance companies will give you a good discounts for this. Finally, shop around. There are many, many insurance companies selling their products on the Internet and the majority of them will allow you to get a fixed quote online very quickly, and the better ones will let you compare the different features of the offerings from a large number of companies as well as the prices. You will find a huge directory of car insurance companies in the directory on the right.