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So you are looking forward to driving your caravan down to your favourite beauty spot so that you and your family can enjoy a hard earned holiday; and what is more wonderful than that first cup of tea when you see in the clean fresh air outside your mobile home. I hate to drag you away from your reverie, but there is an irritating subject that you have to consider before you even think about connecting the caravan to your car; and that is your caravan insurance cover.

Many people greatly underestimate the actual cost of replacing a caravan which may be a few years old but which still contains quite a lot of expensive items such as a cooker, portable toilet, possibly a shower, lots of fixtures and fittings and possibly even a not inconsiderable amount of cash or credit cards that you will find it essential on your holiday, and since no caravan is ever as secure as the average home, and there is a substantial minority of light fingered people everywhere, you have to take into consideration the possibility that you might be burgled so it is essential that you make sure that you have sufficient cover, without which you could find your holiday totally ruined if someone stole your belongings; or even the caravan itself! Insurance policies can be a little complicated at the best of times but if you make sure you read all the small print carefully you will be in a better position to ensure that your cover is sufficient.

Are you planning on holidaying in the UK or abroad? Many policies allow you to take the van into the European Union but sometimes cover can be limited, and sometimes you can only be covered for a set number of days and these limitations can be very easy to overlook. Again; read the policy, make sure you know what is covered and what is not.

Have you got breakdown cover? Getting a car collected from the roadside in the event of mechanical failure is one thing, but removing a caravan is a whole new dimensional altogether and it can be very expensive, even ignoring the fact that you are likely to be stranded with nowhere to sleep that night! Make sure that your policy covers the cost of this, and there in mind that some policies allow you to hire a replacement caravan where necessary and some do not! If you are travelling abroad it is pretty well vital that you make sure that your insurers would pay for repatriating the caravan in the event of a breakdown; driving back to Tuscany to collect it could prove a very expensive option for you!

Most insurers will insist on a certain level of security, and it is in any case in your own interests to make sure that your caravan is secure as possible and as an absolute minimum you should be considering a wheel clamp, a hitch lock, and possibly even a tracking device. Needless to say you should also have a tracking device, immobiliser and alarm system in your car as well.

Caravan insurance is a very specialised field and as in all these cases you would be well advised to consult a specialist broker in order to get the best possible terms and prices. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy matter now that we have all the benefits of the Internet at our fingertips! Happy holidays.

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