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Card Games

Card games have been played in one form or another since the 10th century when dignitaries in China played to pass the time. There is a reason why playing cards in their various forms has been consistently popular for so many years: Card games are versatile, portable and great for people of any age.

For classic card games currently on the market, you can not go wrong with a basic pack of cards – available in almost any supermarket or toy shop for very little cost – and a great book of card games. Rules for card games are, of course, available online, but for the keen player, a book like “The Penguin Book of Card Games”, “How to Play the 200 Best-Ever Card Games” or “Card games for dummies” (all available for a low price) is a great start to family fun with official rules and great variations on classics.

As far as games based around cards, Uno remains an extremely popular game and is available starting at well under £5. Because of its simple premise, variations on rules and affordable price, Uno is a great game for all the family.

Any child of the 1970s and 1980s remembers the series of Top Trumps cards – the game where you rate the character/vehicle/object on your card against your opponent’s on a series of graded elements. Top Trumps has recently had a resurgence and there are dozens and dozens themed packs of cards on the market today, all for a very affordable price.

Along the same lines as Top Trumps, Pokémon collecting cards are extremely popular with children. Expect to pay anything from a pound or two, to much more for the rare, special edition cards for the serious collector.

Poker is a mainstay for grown-up card games fans and with its popularity today, there are many poker sets to buy – ranging from special poker cards to full sets with a table, chips, cards and accessories. Depending on quality and the size of the set, you can expect to spend anything from £10 to hundreds of pounds.

Another great, classic card game is Bridge – no longer just popular among the older generation as was once its stereotype. Like poker, Bridge sets are readily available and make excellent presents for a range of ages. And, again like poker, expect a range of costs depending on quality on set.


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