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Career Coaching

A career coach can be invaluable if you are searching for a new job, trying to better define your professional qualities, needing to address personal issues that affect your career, or to identify your career goals and objectives.

Career coaching allows an individual to evaluate his/her current skills. For example, is the person able to further enhance their job skills to move to a better, more well-suited position? Another question to ask regarding the evaluation of current skills, is, would the person be happier and perform better in a different job position?

Since job positions are not always permanent, it is up to the individual to take responsibility in finding careers that keep the person interested, stimulated, and challenged. The key to obtaining and keeping a job that is satisfying to a person is to know your own strengths and to understand what you need to best perform at your place of employment. This is where the career coach steps in.

Some specific examples of career coaching may include helping the individual to identify if anything is holding them back from enjoying or furthering their career. Some people who work in customer service, for example, may put off returning a phone call to resolve issues with an unhappy customer. A career coach can help you identify what may be holding you back and address these specific issues to make your job easier and more enjoyable.

A career coach can also help a person to be held accountable for their job duties. If you may be resisting to perform a certain task on the job, the career coach will help to identify this and then hold you accountable for making sure the task is fully completed and checking it off of your list of goals to improve your job satisfaction.

Some people lack confidence at their place of employment and with their specific job. Career coaches may also work on an individual's self-esteem and help to build up their confidence to ensure a competent and pleasant career.

There are a variety of programmes that can help you become more satisfied at your current workplace, find a new job, or to make a complete career change. Whatever the reason a career coach is needed, one can expect to improve in many areas of their job as well as their personal lives.

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