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Career Development

Starting a new career can be very daunting. Whether you are beginning a new career or trying to move up in your existing career, career development is necessary. To develop your career, you need to take action in yourself and in your work. It all begins with your career planning.

Career planning is the first important step. This does not just include choosing a career, for many that is the easy part. You need to plan where you will take yourself and your career. Where will you start out, and where will you go from there. Will you improve yourself through education or will you focus on experience? You need to make sure you ask yourself all the right questions and have a set plan written down. You can always change it in the future whenever necessary.

The next part will take a lot of work. You'll need to start job searching, networking, and interviewing. Make sure you have a strong resume and list of references. Then, go through your list of contacts and try to find out who you know that will help you in your career. Begin speaking with them and getting all the information you can. Look for job listings and send your resume to any place you can think of. Focus on possible job locations where you can network.

Interviewing is a very important process. With a good resume, cover letter, and list of references, you get part of the job finished ahead of time. Still, you need to be more than prepared for your interviews. The more interviews you go for, the more practice you'll have an easier they will get. Find a list of possible job interview questions and have a solid answer for each one. Also, think of a list of questions you could ask your interviewer.

In order to develop your career, even when you already have a job, continue to look out for new opportunities. Continue to network with people and try to find a better job or find a way to move up in your existing job. This will help improve your career and develop it. With the Internet, you can also begin social networking online. Sign up with sites such as and get your profile out there.

Understand the career development is a lifelong process as long as you are working. You can always find ways to improve your career standing and increase your income.

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