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Get Covered In the Middle of the Night!

It really is easy to get your insurance online. Just remember to have your information ready before you log on to get started. In the UK you can buy car insurance online in the middle of the night in your night shirt and you can have cover set up before you get up for work the next day. Sometimes, particularly if you are buying short term insurance, The cover notes will be ready for immediate download and you do not even have to wait for a company to mail them.

Compare Coverage

By looking for insurance online you can easily compare cover offered by many different companies. You will know that you are getting the best deal and it is a very quick process, faster than even talking to someone on the phone. Just make sure you are prepared.

Your Information

To speed the process up, you need to have all of the make and model information for your car handy when you log on. Sometimes there will be more than one sub-model for your car and it can make a big difference in the price of your insurance. Have your driver's licence ready and sometimes you need the identification number from your car too, although the more up to date companies can find this from the number plate. Be ready to answer questions about the specifics of your car as well. You need to know if you car has an alarm, how far you drive your vehicle each day, and where it will be parked. All of these things can change the cost of the insurance significantly.

Your Driving Record

The insurance company is going to want to know if you have had any convictions, claims or accidents in the last few years. Sometimes a small accident will not cause the rates to go up very much, but you always need to disclose the information. If you do have convictions or accidents, make sure you are forthcoming about them - if you are not, the insurance company will find out if you make a claim and it may be refused as a result.

Be Ready to Print Your Documents

Some short term insurance companies (offering less than a month's cover) who offer insurance online will allow you to print your docs right from your own printer. Make sure you can do this, so you will have your proof right away. Some of the companies will also mail the policy documents, if you need an original copy for taxing a vehicle, for a small extra charge.

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