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Why Women Need Roses and Car Insurance

UK car insurance for a woman is practical. Car insurance is the peace of mind of knowing that she is covered. Car insurance is an investment in her future. Car insurance is assurance that whatever happens to her vehicle, whether it be stolen, damaged in a collision, or struck by lightning, she will be duly compensated by the insurance company providing her coverage.

Compensation is a good thing. Any intelligent woman recognises the value in receiving payment for damage to her vehicle, like she recognises the value in a dozen red roses when her man owes her an apology. And yet, neither the roses nor the payment will come her way unless she does some pre-work to set herself up for success.

Men need training. It is not necessarily intuitive to a man to give roses, even when his mistake is so colossal that he may be on shaky ground even with the roses. It is up to the woman to drop hints, to suggest that nothing short of a dozen roses will even prompt her to consider forgiveness. Once the hint is dropped, the ball is in his court. He is now responsible for supplying the flowers.

It's like that with car insurance. While every woman deserves compensation for damage to her vehicle, the bottom line is that no one will offer her compensation unless she has the service lined up in advance. This is where UK car insurance comes in. Much like a woman pays her man in kisses, smiles, and the fruits of her special talents in the kitchen, she must pay a UK car insurance company in monthly premiums, so that the company will be at her beck and call when she deserves the company's undivided financial attention.

A smart woman recognises that investment up front is necessary to get what she wants. However, up-front investment comes in many shapes and sizes. Taking the time to compare car insurance rates may ensure that she spends the least amount on premiums up front, while still walking away with the gold in the end. Reviewing coverage options and deciding exactly what she wants to get paid when and if the inevitable occurs will also help determine that monthly premium. The whole process is in her control.

One of the many nice things about UK car insurance for a woman is that it covers her even in the unlikely event that a collision is her fault. This is a comforting thought, because every woman wants to avoid giving her man ammunition against her. When a woman deserves flowers from her man, she expects flowers from her man, regardless of whether she caused an accident that resulted in damage to the car.

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