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UK Car Insurance for Women

Statistically, women are better drivers than are men. In recognition of this, insurance companies offer lower rates on car insurance for women. There are even some companies that specialise in insuring female motorists. But women, like all motorists, should shop around online for the best deal available, whether it's with a specialty insurer or not.

Insurance Premiums

In calculating the cost of motor insurance one's monthly premium companies incorporate many risk factors. These are characteristics that make a motorist more or less likely to get into an accident and file a claim. They can include age, gender, occupation, location, type of car, annual mileage, or size of engine, among many others. Companies offer insurance cover based on all these factors combined a motorist's risk profile. If a motorist is considered very risky, his or her insurance premiums will be much higher. Women are less of a risk to insurance companies, so their premiums are lower than men's, all other things equal.

Women are Safer Drivers

On average, women drive more slowly than men. They travel shorter average distances per trip than do men. They're also significantly less likely to be convicted of any motoring-related offence. But most importantly to insurance companies, they have fewer accidents overall. And if they are involved in an accident, it's more likely to be minor, at lower speeds and less damaging.

Specialty Insurers

Some car insurers specialise in insurance cover for women. This makes business sense for them and also offers benefits specifically tailored to female motorists. Their policies can often include provisions deemed more beneficial to women discounted breakdown cover, courtesy cars, counselling help lines, or larger cover for handbags, among others. Because women represent less risk, their insurance premiums are often lower. They may be a good choice for women looking for insurance cover, but they should never be the only choice. Traditional insurers may well offer equally attractive rates.

Online Research

When seeking insurance cover, the most important thing a motorist can do is research online. The Internet has revolutionised the way people get insurance. Higher competition has led to better deals for motorists, so take advantage. Online sites can offer rate comparisons from many different insurers at once. This allows motorists to determine the market rate for their insurance, so that they will know if a quote is out of the typical range. Sites also allow motorists to compare the benefits, terms, and exclusions that insurers offer. It's vital that motorists investigate the details as they can differ significantly from one insurer to the next.

Motorists should remember that the cheapest insurance is not necessarily the best; a slightly higher premium may bring with it significantly better benefits, so pay attention to the small print.

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