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UK Car Insurance in the UK

Motorists must have car insurance before they can drive in the UK. This protects against liability should the motorist get into an accident. Third party only insurance is the legal requirement, but comprehensive cover is the most widely purchased.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance is the minimum legal requirement. This is relatively cheap insurance that covers damage to the third party's car and compensation. It doesn't cover damage to the motorist's own car, nor does it cover a car that's stolen or damaged by fire. One can purchase third party fire and theft cover that will insure the motorist's car against theft and fire damage.

Comprehensive Cover

Fully comprehensive cover is the most expensive. It's also the type most often purchased in the UK. Comprehensive covers almost everything damage to the motorist's car, the third party's car and property, and the costs of personal injury. Motorists should specifically check on restrictions or exclusions for bodily injury as some comprehensive policies don't automatically cover it. Comprehensive cover often has many added benefits like provision for a courtesy car, roadside recovery, or legal expense insurance, among many others. It may have many restrictions. Motorists must read the small print to know what it is they're purchasing.

Insurance Premiums

A motorist's insurance premium is the monthly payment he or she makes for insurance cover. Different insurance companies may charge the same motorist different premiums. Each company has its own method for calculating premiums. Insurers consider many characteristics in their calculations a motorist's age, occupation, gender, location, type of car, annual mileage, parking location, and so on in addition to the motorist's driving history. Even if two companies do include the same characteristic, they may treat it differently. One company may consider a certain occupation riskier than another, so that company would charge a higher premium.

Getting the Best Deal

Given the great variation in the way companies view a motorist's risk profile, it's very important for motorists to shop around. Information is essential to buying insurance cover; with it, a motorist will be able to judge if he or she is getting a good deal. The Internet is the best way to get this information. Sites give quotes from many companies so that motorists can compare rates and plans at a glance. This easy access to quotes has led to increased competition for motorists' business, lowering premiums overall. Before purchasing cover, motorists must compare rates, benefits, and exclusions. The cheapest cover is not always the best; a slight increase in monthly cost might extend significant additional benefits, so pay attention to these details.

There are so many options for car insurance in the UK that it may seem overwhelming. Quote comparison sites make the process easier and more understandable.

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