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UK Car Insurance for Young Drivers

If you are a young driver living in the UK, you are probably concerned about how much you will have to pay for car insurance. Most people know that when it comes to UK car insurance, young drivers tend to pay much higher rates than middle aged drivers - this can make it very difficult for them to obtain the coverage they need. The good news is that, with a bit of time and patience, you can use several strategies to lower your rates.

In order to save the most money possible on UK car insurance, young drivers should consider being added to their parents' policies. Car insurance companies in the UK typically offer much lower "per person" rates for a policy that covers both adults and children than for a policy that only insures a young driver. Keep in mind that you will typically need to reside in the same household as your parents to make this strategy work - most UK vehicle insurance companies will not insure people from two different households on the same policy.

If being added to your parents' policy is not an option, there are other methods you can use to obtain cheaper UK car insurance rates. One of the best strategies is shopping around for coverage before you choose and purchase a policy. Since each insurance company determines its own rates, you will likely find a variety of prices when comparing insurance estimates.

When you are comparing prices, take a close look at the cover offered by each company. Some companies try to attract new customers by offering policies that only cover third party liability. These policies are typically much less expensive than more robust policies, but they do not provide adequate protection for the average driver. If a company offers you a third party liability policy, find out how much it charges for optional cover, such as comprehensive, courtesy car, or fire and theft.

Shopping online can be a great choice for getting and comparing car insurance quotes. Many of the major UK insurance companies will allow you to obtain quotes from their websites, and some will even let you purchase your policy online. You can make your decision from the comfort of your own home, and start your coverage without ever having to visit a broker.

When evaluating quotes, make sure that you are getting any discounts you might qualify for. Policy discounts can help you save as much as 40 percent on your car insurance rates.

When it comes to UK car insurance, young drivers have many more options than in the past. Although vehicle insurance is never truly cheap, these strategies can help you save as much money as possible.

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