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Back in the old days, our parents bought car insurance from men in suits and shiny black shoes, sitting in offices with glossy, polished wood throughout. Back in the old days, insurance cost our parents a lot more than it costs us today, which is how the insurers could afford those suits, shiny black shoes, and the polished wood. Even if another insurance agent offered cheaper rates, it was unlikely our parents even knew about it, because insurance was all about who they trusted and built a rapport with, not who offered the cheapest rates. In fact, it might have been more about whom their parents trusted and built a rapport with. Selection of insurance providers was often passed down generations.

Trust is certainly a good thing, and individuals looking to buy coverage for their vehicles want to know that they can trust the provider they select. But consumers are pickier these days, and they UK car insurers have come a long way since the traditional insurance agents of our parentsí era. Car insurers recognise that people are savvy about the insurance coverage they select and want to get the best deal. These days, car insurance can be purchased online, and prices can be compared side by side at the push of a button or the click of a mouse.

The UK car insurance choices available to consumers today would baffle our parents and grandparents. Because the insurers have recognised the desire in consumers to save money on car insurance premiums, the industry has become incredibly competitive. Each UK car insurer offers cheaper rates than the next, and each has a line of products to make even the most frugal of customers happy.

We all want to trust our insurance providers. And while we might be willing to pay a little extra for a trusted insurer, we are not willing to sign away our entire paycheck every month on the off chance that we will suffer a wreck and have to make a claim. We all have bills to pay, and insurance is really nothing more than just-in-case money anyway. In the whole scheme of things, car insurance is low on the priority list. We could probably list a million things we would rather spend our money on than car insurance.

Unfortunately, we have no choice in the matter, because we have to insure our vehicles, at a minimum to protect ourselves from liability against others. The choices we do have are whom to purchase our insurance coverage from and what level of coverage to purchase. We could always stick with the insurer our parents used. On the other hand, we could compare prices and see what else is available.

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