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UK Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Young drivers have some of the most expensive car insurance. Insurance companies consider the claims history of all young drivers and charge high premiums for cover. There are a few things young drivers can do to reduce these high costs, however.

Reasons for High Costs

Simply put, young drivers get into more accidents. One out of five young drivers will have an accident during their first year driving. Men under age 21 are ten times more likely to have an accident than men over age 35. Only one out of every eight British drivers is under age 25, yet one out of every four car crash fatalities is in this age group. And in 2007, 40% of all car accident fatalities and serious injuries were in cars driven by young drivers. Overall, young drivers represent a much higher risk than other age groups.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums are all about risk. Companies take into account one's driving history when calculating premiums. Young drivers may not have much of a driving history. Without evidence of responsible, safe driving and given the rate of accidents among young drivers many are penalised with high insurance premiums. Insurance companies assume young drivers are risky until they can prove otherwise, so the goal of young drivers should be to provide evidence of safety as soon as possible.

Lowering Insurance Costs

There are several ways to reduce insurance costs. Young drivers who complete the Driving Standards Agency's Pass Plus certificate can save as much as 30% on their insurance premiums. Young drivers can also take out starter policies, good for six months, which allow them to build up their driving history and no claims bonus. Young drivers should also choose cars in a low insurance group those that are very cheap to repair. Cars in lower groups will have lower premiums. In that same vein, young drivers should avoid modifying their cars with things like fins and spoilers since such modifications result in higher insurance premiums. Simple safety measures like car alarms and steering locks can also reduce premiums, as can keeping the car parked in a locked garage overnight.

Shop Around

Young drivers should shop around online to get the best deal on car insurance cover. Many web sites allow motorists to get several quotes at once, from various companies. But motorists should make sure they are comparing like to like make sure the costs are for equivalent benefits. And don't automatically choose the cheapest cover. In some case, a little more per month may add significant benefits. The important thing is that the policy has the best value, even if not the cheapest absolute cost.

Using the web, young drivers can find cheap car insurance, despite their age. And once they build up a record of safe driving, insurance costs will fall further.

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