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UK Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance

Cheap young driver car insurance is practically a contradiction in terms. The cost of cover for young drivers can be astronomical. This has led to fraud and, increasingly often, young drivers simply driving without insurance. Though it may seem dire, there are some legal ways to reduce premiums for young driver car insurance.

Young and Uninsured

Given the incredibly high premiums, some young drivers simply don't buy insurance. The Motor Insurer's Bureau recently announced that one in five drivers from age 17 to age 20 drives without any insurance cover a criminal offence. This fact is especially concerning since one in five young drivers will have an accident in the first year of driving. The cost of uninsured drivers gets passed on to insured drivers: a 30 increase per policy so far. Accidents involving uninsured drivers cost insured drivers around 500 million per annum.

Parents and Fronting

Parents who add their children to their cover might be shocked to find their insurance premium immediately quadruple; it's a common tale when dealing with insurance for young drivers. This has often led parents to 'fronting:' insuring their child's car in their own name, even though they know their child will be the main driver. As many as one in five parents has done or has considered fronting. That's a shocking statistic given that fronting is illegal; insurers treat it as fraud. One comparison web site recently reported that 31% of drivers believe fronting is legal, 34% admit it's illegal, and 35% are unsure. If the insurer finds out a parent has been fronting, cover will be withdrawn and the parent will lose his or her no claims bonus. Young drivers can even find themselves facing court for driving without insurance while insurers could bring a civil claim against parents. Though it can save thousands of pounds, fronting is clearly not the solution to cheap young driver car insurance.

Legal Discounts

There are several ways young drivers can get cheaper car insurance. If they complete the Driving Standards Agency's Pass Plus course, they can get up to 35% off their monthly insurance premiums. Limited-mileage cover or restricted-hour cover may also get young drivers discounts, as can paying in one lump sum instead of by month. Cars with smaller engines will have lower premiums and safety measures like car alarms and immobilisers also reduce premiums.

Shop Around

The single best thing young drivers can do to reduce insurance costs is to shop around. Comparison web sites give motorists quotes from many insurers at once, allowing them to compare the various costs, benefits, and exclusions. The Association of British Insurers states that young drivers can save as much as 35% on premiums by comparing at least five insurance providers. And buying online can even save money some insurers offer discounts for online purchases.

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