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UK Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance used to be basic and expensive. Thankfully, the average cost of motorbike insurance has come down about 15% over the last five years alone. In 2009, a 99-year-old motorcycle rider was even named Britain's safest driver. To get the best rates, riders must still shop around, but affordable cover is quite possible.

Basics of Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle insurance is quite similar to car insurance. Riders can choose third-party the legal minimum or comprehensive insurance. No claims discounts provide incentives for safe riding. There are also optional extras aimed at motorbike riders specifically. For example, a rider can get cover for helmet, gloves, and leathers.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies consider all the same risk factors for motorcycle cover as for car cover age, occupation, gender, type of bike, location, annual mileage, parking location, among many others. Of paramount importance, of course, is one's driving history. The riskier they consider a rider, the higher the insurance premiums. If riders keep a clean driving history even of parking violations and especially of speeding tickets that shows insurers that they're less risky. Insurance companies reward riders with lower premiums.

Lowering Premiums

Motorcycle riders can get cheaper insurance in a few ways. Security is very important when it comes to bikes, especially because of the risk of theft. Immobilisers aren't as important because motorbikes can simply be lifted and carried away. Insurers might insist that riders chain motorbikes to a post overnight. Storing one's bike in a locked garage is also looked upon favourably. Another way to get lower premiums is to keep from modifying the bike the cheaper it is to replace or repair the bike, the lower will be the insurance premium.

Motorcycle Cover Discounts

Insurers offer the same kind of no claims bonus for motorcycle riders as they do for other drivers. People who ride safely and don't file a claim for a year can get a 30% no claims discount. This discount increases as they accumulate more claims-free years, though there is a cap. Percentages vary by insurer, so riders should check. Riders with a full motorcycle licence can also take an advanced motorcycle test such as those offered by the Institute of Advanced Motoring. Insurers may offer a discount for taking their test or an equivalent.

Shopping Around

The key to getting affordable motorcycle insurance is shopping around online. Many sites offer quotes from several insurers so riders can compare rates, benefits, and exclusions. They should make sure to compare like to like and remember that the cheapest cover is not necessarily the best. The goal is to find the most valuable cover. There are insurance companies that specialise in motorcycle cover, but they won't necessarily offer the cheapest plans. Research is essential.

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