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UK Short Term Motor Insurance

Drivers who require insurance cover for cars or vans for a limited period of time can buy short term motor insurance. Cover usually lasts from 1 to 28 days and is meant to be temporary, not to replace one's regular insurance. A small number of insurers offer short term policies, and they generally require drivers to be over the age of 24, although those looking for insurance for more than a month can be accepted from age 16 upwards provided that they have full driving licences.

Short Term Motor Insurance Basics

Motorists can choose third party or comprehensive short term cover. They can often purchase policies online and coverage begins that same day, if they desire. Documents will be e-mailed the same business day or one can request to have them posted on the next business day. Many policies have a maximum indemnity limit for loss or damage, usually in the range of 40,000. One can arrange for short term cover up to a month in advance, but there are often restrictions on changing the details of the policy. Motorists may cancel their short term cover, but may need to give 7 days' written notice and may not be eligible for the return of their premium. Many policies also allow motorists to drive in the EU. Foreign drivers like those licensed in the EU, Australia, or New Zealand may also be able to drive in the UK, so long as they meet eligibility requirements.

Types of Short Term Insurance

There are a few types of short term insurance. Temporary car insurance covers a motorist to temporarily drive an additional vehicle. Temporary additional driver cover allows friends or family to drive one's vehicle for a limited amount of time, like when guests some to visit. Courtesy car insurance is a type of cover for when one's vehicle is at the shop for a service or repair; this may be included in one's regular insurance cover. Test drive insurance covers a vehicle that one takes on a test drive, in anticipation of purchasing. And drive-away insurance covers a newly-purchased vehicle as one takes it home; this may also be covered under one's comprehensive cover.

Shop Around

As with all motor insurance, those seeking short term cover should shop around online. Since these policies are limited in duration and often purchased not far in advance of when the coverage is required online is usually the best option for both researching and purchasing a policy. Some sites even specialise in providing short term cover. Many web sites will offer competitive quotes from several different insurers. Drivers should compare rates, but should especially note exclusions and maximum indemnity limits.

Though it's required by law, drivers shouldn't treat short term motor insurance as simply an obligation. Consider what happens in case of an accident and choose a policy accordingly.

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