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UK Vehicle Insurance

If you drive a car in the UK, then you probably know that UK vehicle insurance is a requirement. All drivers are required to carry at least a minimum level of coverage in order to legally operate a vehicle. Drivers who choose to operate a vehicle without insurance may be subject to fines or suspension of their registrations - and ultimately even imprisonment.

Aside from the legal requirements, UK vehicle insurance serves another important purpose - it protects you against financial disaster in the event of an accident. Without the proper insurance cover, you could end up being held liable for injuries and property damage you cause to another driver and his or her passengers. You can also end up having to pay for your own injuries and other expenses if you are involved in a vehicle accident. Since these costs can be quite high, UK vehicle insurance is critical for protecting your financial security.

All drivers are required to carry third party liability coverage. This protects other drivers and their passengers if you are involved in an automobile accident in which you are found to be at fault. You must show proof that you have purchased UK vehicle insurance when you register your car. Since detailed records are maintained for every driver and vehicle within the UK, cancelling your insurance after registering your vehicle is not an option. Also, police officers routinely check for insurance cover if you are stopped for a traffic violation, or if you are involved in an accident.

If you drive a newer vehicle, you should also consider purchasing property damage (comprehensive) cover for your own car. Few drivers would have the financial means to repair or replace their vehicles if they were damaged or destroyed, so this coverage helps protect you against having to incur significant expenses that you might not otherwise be able to pay for.

Most UK vehicle insurance companies also offer a range of optional cover. For example, you may be able to purchase roadside assistance coverage, which will pay for the towing of your vehicle if you become stranded due to a vehicle breakdown or other unforeseeable event. You may also elect to purchase rental coverage, which will pay for you to rent a temporary replacement vehicle if your car is damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

Another important vehicle insurance coverage to consider is personal belongings cover, which will pay to replace personal property that is stolen from your vehicle. If you carry cellular phones, laptops, or other expensive items with you when you travel, you may want to purchase this cover to protect yourself against financial loss.

While UK vehicle insurance may seem complicated, it is important to find a good broker who understands your unique needs. He or she can help you evaluate your personal situation, and recommend the cover that will best protect you and your family. Alternatively there are excellent price comparison engines that can search for the lowest quotes for you from many different insurers.

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