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We are being constantly reminded, no doubt for our own good, that we are all eating far too much and consequently we are in the middle of an epidemic of obesity, partly because we do not exercise as much as we should do, but mainly I suspect because food, and the eating thereof, is such a pleasurable experience!

What holds true for humans also holds true for cats and one of the main decisions that a cat owner has to make is just how much, and conversely how little, to feed it! Like human beings, every cat is different and so there is no ' one size fits all ' rule, and just how much you should feed your pet depends as much upon that pet's individual metabolism as on more predictable factors such as its age, weight, general health and exercise level but if you are looking for a rough guide you should be thinking somewhere along the lines of about 1 ounce of food (sorry, at my age I am too old to think in grams and litres) to every pound that the cat weighs; or to put it another way it should be eating about 1/16 of its body weight every day. If you are used to counting calories this equates to around on 170 to 250 cal per day. Kittens need a little more because they are growing and they tend to be quite active, pregnant cats also need more because they are feeding lots of little ones too.

Should you feed it dried food or tinned cat food? The easy answer is a bit of both. An advantage of dried food is that it can help cut down any tartar buildup on the teeth, but the disadvantage is that it contains little or no moisture; there's not a lot wrong with feeding puss with half dry, half tinned.

Just like humans, cats need a drink or two from time to time so make sure there is always a little available in a bowl or glass, ensuring that it is kept clean and fresh.

As we've all known since childhood, cats are very partial to a bowl of milk! However from the nutritional point of view this is by no means necessary and it can give some cats quite bad diarrhoea. As an alternative, and if the budget can stand it, a little cream often gets around this problem and your cat will love it.

Cats can be very fussy creatures and if the food, or the utensil that holds it, doesn't smell too good then your moggy may simply refuse to eat, so be sure that all food containers are cleaned regularly and if food is refused it should be thrown away and replaced with fresh produce. Ideally most cats thrive on being fed twice a day, and you should always pay close attention to instructions provided by cat food manufacturers, because they are aware of the particular nutrients that are in the food that they produce, and the quantities that your cat requires.

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