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Cat Insurance


When you have a pet, it becomes a part of your family and you want to protect it and give it the best care available. Often, that care involves a trip to a veterinarian in the case of illness or accident. Just like humans, pets need preventive care, as well as care for injuries and illnesses. It would be better for your pet, and also cheaper for you, to prevent disease rather than treat it after the fact.

If you have a pet cat, you will want to investigate purchasing cat insurance so you wont be concerned about the high cost of treatment when your cat needs to make a trip to the vet. If you have cat insurance, you will be more likely to take your pet to get expert care as often as it is needed. When looking for the best insurance policy for your pet cat, check the coverage available to make the best decision and get the most value for your money.

There are basic, lower cost policies which cover one particular incident, such as an injury or operation, for a limited time after it occurs. If you choose the basic protection, then later decide to switch to a longer term, or life term policy, the illness for which you had the basic policy would not be covered, because it would be a pre-existing condition.

There are many price ranges and types of coverage available for pet insurance. Lifetime cat insurance might be the most cost effective, because your cat would be more prone to illness with advanced age. If you purchase the insurance when your cat is younger, and do not let it lapse, there would be no pre-existing conditions that would be excluded from coverage.

Besides the ordinary exam and treatment coverage, some policies cover your cost of advertising to get help finding your lost pet, in case it strays away. Some companies even help you provide a reward for the return of your cat.

Some cat insurance policies cover the cost of quarantines for cats when they travel overseas, and even for the cost involved if your cat passport for overseas travel is lost. If it is necessary for you to cancel some event or holiday because of an emergency illness or accident involving your cat, some policies will cover your expenses involved.

You will find that the cost of keeping a pet cat is actually less if you have a quality insurance plan, and you will have more peace of mind knowing you will be able to get the best care for it when necessary.

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