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CD Players

 Compact Disc Players, more commonly known as CD players, are electronic devices that play music on storage devices called compact discs, or CDs. CD Players show up in a variety of contexts, both personal and commercial. They can be installed in vehicles, home stereo systems, and personal computers. Audio CDs can also be listened to in small personal portable devices. Today, CD players are still used in many situations, but they have lost much of their popularity to newer and more convenient digital forms of media.

The very first CD player was released by Sony in 1982. This original model was named the Sony CDP-101. It featured an easy-to-operate slide out tray, which is still used by the majority of CD players.

A vertical CD player, also developed by Sony, was released in 1983. This type of CD player never took off in popularity like the original slide out tray, but influenced a number of early Japanese CD Players.

Top-loading CD Players appeared in 1983, during the launch of the Phillips CD100 CD player. This top-loading design featured a clamp over the CD player lid, which was to be closed down after one inserted a CD into the CD Player. The new design implied higher sound quality, but as with the vertical CD player, never achieved the popularity of the slide out tray design.

Most CD Players released in the late 1980's and beyond were similar to the original tray loading styles, but included a few key differences. Newer models began to feature tray loading with sliding mechanisms, which basically allowed the CD player's transport system to slide out as a single unit. The sliding mechanisms effectively reduced jitter and distortion found in the earlier CD player models.

The most recent innovation to the design of CD Players was the new slot loading design. This model did not include a slide-out tray, but instead incorporated a small disc motor that assisted users in inserting and ejecting CD's. The slot loading design quickly became the prominent model for use in motorized vehicles, Playstations and other gaming systems, the Apple Macbook and most other audio players. They were and still are popular because of their ability to improve sound quality and the ease of use found with the assisting motor.

Although use of CD Players continues to decline, they retain their significance and are still installed in most vehicles, gaming systems and computers.


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