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 A Look at Celebrities

In the 21st century, there are many different types of celebrities to be found. There are sports celebrities, movie stars, rock stars, television stars, and celebrities of the fashion world. The amount of talent a celebrity has varies from person to person. Three of the most intriguing types of celebrities are the overnight celebrity, the reluctant celebrity, and the celebrity who just won't fade away.

First, we have the overnight celebrity. In this age of high technology and the Internet, a person can gain worldwide attention in the span of just a few hours. For instance, a gifted singer whose talent is known only to her friends and family can be introduced to a global audience in an instant when one of her performances travels over the Internet. Alternatively, an overnight celebrity can also be a person who stirs short-lived attention on the Internet, with an amazing, weird, or unusual talent. Whether the overnight celebrity has genuine talent or is the subject of worldwide discussion for twenty-four hours, the Internet extends a welcoming hand to overnight celebrities.

The reluctant celebrity is someone who claims that the focus of attention on him or her is entirely unwelcome. Generally, the actions of this particular type of celebrity are at odds with their words. You can often see them frowning at the camera lens in photographs and waving off photographers on the street. The reluctant celebrity insists again and again that they do not want attention of any kind from the media. However, the person continues to give interviews in various magazines and appear on television. Truth be told, a reluctant celebrity is not truly reluctant, but instead enjoys the attention especially when it is accompanied by money.

The final sort of celebrity is the one that just won't fade away. Most of the time, this type of celebrity only possesses a marginal amount of talent at singing, acting, or whatever he or she specializes in. However, this person continues to have his or her name in the news because of some not-so-personal problems, legal trouble, or outrageous acts they've committed in a public area. Though the public is weary of them, this sort of celebrity just can't seem to stay off of the magazine covers or out of the news. The celebrity that just won't fade away doesn't have to depend upon on his or her talents as a source of notoriety.

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