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Celebrity Pictures

Celeb Pics and the Law

Celebrity pictures have become a bustling industry. While they have always been popular, stars and celebrities are now followed by paparazzi so closely, so often, that it is not unusual these days for the former to complain! Officials on both sides of the Pond have been looking into the subject ever more closely. A recent talent show performer from the U.K. nearly suffered a mental breakdown after she skyrocketed to fame! Following a spate of close encounters in the U.S., some of which resulted in injuries, at least one California county proposed new laws which would impede the paparazzi and hopefully give harried celebrities a little relief. But so long as celebrity pictures continue to command the sums of money they do, paparazzi are more apt to try and circumvent the law than abide by it.

In fact, according to some sources, there is so much money to be made in the Celebrity Pictures field that at least some of today's paparazzi are actually gang members! It may not be true, but it certainly stands to reason - a candid celebrity photo can command millions and you don't need a press pass to get it. However, the vast majority of the paparazzi are law-abiding people who enjoy the thrill of chasing celebrities and fighting for the best photo. And the money.

"Celebrity Pictures" is one of the most popular search phrases in the western hemisphere. Sure enough, plugging this simple phrase into any search engine brings page after page of results (many of which are the requisite spam), and celebrity pictures and gossip fuels tabloid and magazine sales in both America and the U.K. This is the paparazzo's usual defence: he wouldn't do what he does if no one bought the product. To some extent, this is certainly true, and many point-out that compromised privacy is one of the luxuries famous people concede, but others (especially the stars themselves) insist they have basic human rights which some all too-eager paparazzi regularly invade. Other celebrities, however, openly manipulate the press and paparazzi to propel their fame. This is one of the things which makes legalities surrounding the issue so difficult.

Those celebrities who are famous for actually doing something (other than being photographed) do seem to be granted their personal space, so the issue of law surrounding one's right to privacy seems to have been shelved for now. But, so long as Celebrity Pictures continue to make millionaires of some and stars of others, the issue will continue to lurk.

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