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 Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite is dimpling of the skin caused within the subcutaneous layer of fat. The subcutaneous layer is located directly against the skin and is comprised of chambers surrounded by tissue. When fat gets trapped within this layer, uneven pockets of fat form and this is the root cause of cellulite. The principal reason that blockages occur is due to the influx of estrogen levels that occur through puberty. This is the main reason that 90 percent of women develop cellulite during their life and also the reason the condition is less common in men.

There are many treatments that can reduce the signs of cellulite and some are more effective then others. Skin care creams are highly marketed at targeting cellulite. The creams claim to tighten the skin and therefore reducing cellulite, consulting with a dermatologist is a good way to determine if a skin care cream will be effective.

A more expensive route that has become popular is liposuction. Liposuction is performed by removing fat from specific areas of the body. There have been mixed results from having the surgery performed. The fat that is removed during the procedure is located below the subcutaneous layer causing the cellulite, and this can result in the cellulite returning with time. Another cosmetic surgery procedure that attacks cellulite is localized injections of fillers. This solution like liposuction can have dramatic effects, but only last for a short period of time.

Perhaps the most effective way to reduce cellulite is combining diet changes with exercise. Maintaining a balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, and lecithin products will detoxify the body. Removing toxins from the body is important as it balances the bodyís hormone levels, effectively reducing cellulite. Another important factor in eliminating cellulite is changing the type of fats that are ingested. Margarine and butter contain high amounts of milk fat and unhealthy combinations of oils. Substituting healthy oils like olive, flax, and fish oils will have a dramatic effect on the type of fat stored in the body.

To enhance the bodyís ability to burn fat, exercise is an important addition to a healthy diet. The types of exercise do not need to be physically demanding, body refining exercises such as yoga are highly effective in combating cellulite.

Every personís body is different and it is important to try different combinations of treatments to determine the best way to eliminate cellulite.

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