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Land line phone service anywhere can be expensive. That is particularly true of the U.K. Cheap phone calls and inexpensive phone services are available though, if you know where to look for them. Most residents will have some type of internet service that can be used to help you make phone calls that will cost far less than you might expect.

Cheap phone calls can be made via the computer, using software that makes it very inexpensive, or sometimes even free. These phone calls can be made to residents of the UK, or quite often to residents of other European countries. Some free software will permit phone calls even to the U.S.

Among the services you might like to consider to get some inexpensive services and permit you to make cheap phone calls are VOIP services such as Vonage or others like it. These use your internet services to set up your phone service.

They operate over the IP, and are far less costly than the traditional land line phone services have typically been. This is particularly true when it comes to making long distance or overseas phone calls. Most VOIP services charge a flat rate fee per month. There are various monthly packages so that you can select where you make telephone calls to more often and choose your rate and services based on those necessary phone calls.

For instance, one VOIP service permits you for a flat rate fee of about 30GBP to make unlimited phone calls all across the UK, as well as some to the United States. These prices are far lower than most land-line services offer, making cheap phone calls a rule, rather than the exception. The beauty of this type service is that it permits the use of a regular phone rather than a headset which is plugged into a PC.

Other methods of making cheap phone calls include using software such as Skype, a universally available software that uses the headset method. A headset is plugged into your PC and you send and receive phone calls in this fashion. These phone calls are also flat rate based, with the flat rate being far less than you would pay with traditional phone services.

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