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There can be few experiences which are more satisfying than driving a true classic car along an English country lane on a bright sunny morning! Owners are invariably extremely proud of their beautiful machines, and quite rightly so because in most cases they have not only high sentimentality value but also a considerable monetary value too. In many ways this can be an advantage but there is a downside to this as well; the world is not the way we would want it to be and there are quite a few dishonest people about, so a classic car is, unfortunately, a target for thieves partly because it is so valuable and partly because it is so noticeable. Apart from those who wish to deprive you permanently of the possession of your car there are also those who would like to have the experience of driving it, just for the kicks they get from that and many of them do not care whether they have your permission or not! Most cars which are taken and driven away by these so-called joyriders are not designed for hurtling recklessly around sharp corners at maximum revolutions and even when they are found in a fairly intact condition they have often suffered considerable mechanical damage. Adequate insurance for a classic car is an absolute essential.

Many owners of antique, veteran, vintage or classic cars picked their vehicles up originally in a very poor condition, or even as near wrecks and then they lovingly restored them so that they could enjoy driving them and showing them off at car shows and fairs. This can be a source of enormous satisfaction, but unfortunately it creates an insurance problem since these vehicles cannot be described as standard in any way, and most car insurance companies tend to avoid them. Fortunately a number of specialist brokers have sprung up and some of these can access quotations from the majority of insurers that underwrite this type of business. You may therefore be far better giving your business to these brokers rather than attempt to shop around yourself amongst the mainstream insurers. The main considerations that the insurance companies will raise will be of course your own age and driving record, but they will also want to know the age and condition of the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to drive and roadworthy. It may well be that you will be advised to get a report on your vehicle by a qualified motor engineer before asking far quotations, and it would perhaps be as well to obtain a valuation too. Another important factor will be the mileage that you expect to cover; this is normally restricted to a maximum of 5000 miles a year, but you may well obtain a lower quote if you only intend to drive it to and from a few shows every year, rather than using it as every day transport.

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