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Coffee Makers


When it comes to purchasing a coffee maker, there is no shortage of choices. There are a number of different brands, styles and types available on the market with various options that are sure to meet the different needs of consumers. Among the different types of coffee makers available today are the drip, the vacuum and the percolator.

The drip coffee maker is the most popular of the different types of coffee makers available. It works by dripping hot water over ground coffee contained in a filter. The coffee is collected in a carafe that sits on a warming plate. Many of these machines are equipped with programmable timers that turn the machine on and off at a specified time set by the user. They are available with various types of carafes including thermal, glass, stainless steel and individual travel mugs that range in size from one to 14 cups. Drip coffee makers are available in simple, inexpensive varieties as well as sophisticated, high-priced varieties, including features such as built-in water filtration systems, built-in grinding mechanisms and permanent gold filters.

The vacuum coffee maker consists of an upper and a lower glass pot as well as a siphon tube and a filter. When the water in the lower pot is heated, it travels through the siphon tube into the top pot where the coffee grounds are contained. After the coffee maker is removed from its heat source, the hot water travels back down to the bottom pot through a filter. The coffee is then served from the bottom pot. The vacuum coffee maker was very popular from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. These machines are still available for purchase at selected stores and on-line.

Coffee percolators consist of a bottom chamber, a small tube and a top chamber. When the water in the bottom chamber boils, it rises through the tube into the top chamber in which the coffee grounds are contained. The water is then filtered through a sieve and falls back to the bottom chamber. This process causes a gurgling sound. When the gurgling stops, the coffee is ready to be served. These coffee makers are available in electric as well as stove top versions. According to some coffee experts, this method of brewing coffee results in overextraction due to the high temperature of the water, causing the coffee to taste bitter.

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