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Computer Systems

Computer Systems - probably the largest choice of Computer Systems in the UK!

Believe it or not there was once a time when in order to send a letter we had to take a piece of paper, feed into a typewriter, pound on the keys for half an hour and then more often than not we would screw the paper up into a ball, throw it into the wastepaper basket and start all over again. Nowadays we take it for granted that not only can we type our letters onto a screen making corrections easily as we go along but can also send our missive instantaneously to the far corners of the world at a tiny cost. If we are so inclined we don't even have to type it; this article for instance was written using speech recognition software, which means I never once had to touch the keyboard!

Most of us probably used computers solely for writing letters and articles in the old days but now the power,speed and complexity of computers have grown so quickly that they are indispensable for normal business life. How do you select the best computer for your own particular purposes? When they first came out they were very very expensive and we had to pick systems that were designed for particular purposes. Nowadays however there are such a wide range of programmes available and hard disks can store such vast quantities of data that for most practical purposes just about any computer that we pick up on the high street will suffice. however just as quickly as computer systems become more powerful, the programmes that run on them are also becoming more complex and demand more and more resources in the form of memory, processing power and disk storage space so although it may be tempting to buy a cheaper system than you can really afford, you may find that it is obsolete within a very short space of time.

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